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Monday, February 16th, 2009

[*3 exit wounds : shine on my mary*]

Subject:HOW long has it been?!
Time:10:01 pm.
Mood: thoughtful.
Jeeeeesus christ, it has literally been years since I last posted an entry here. I only came here to see if my account had been deleted & it hadn't been.. madness! Reading over how I used to be is so strange.

WELL! So much has changed since back then. I now live in Newcastle, studying Social Care... it took me a while to work out what I wanted to do with my life... & Im still not completely certain! I just got out of a two year relationship with the biggest lying cheating cock ever to grace the world. Ironically called Adam, but not the saem Adam that I used to go on about. Basically this Adam was my main reason for leaving York, he basically messed my life up with his constant cheating, lying & his ability to fuck your head up completely.

Not even sure what else I should write about to be honest. But I plan to start updating again, because I have the time to these days (being a lazy student, yeeeep!)


Sunday, August 28th, 2005

[*3 exit wounds : shine on my mary*]

Time:5:00 pm.
Mood: hungover [again!!].
Reet. Trying to make this a brief update...

So, im not living at home anymore. I moved out last month, infact, 4 weeks to the day! Heh! And im fucking LOVING IT!!! Its ace. i dont miss my mum much, at all really. Or home... just the shower... as ours is broken at the moment, and we have to have baths *spits*. Hate it.

So i just came back today, cos my flatmate went to Creamfields last night and said she was going to bring loads people back with her.. fucking pillheads knowing her when shes fucked... so i didnt wanna be there.

SO! Not much to say really...

Working at Topshop still... loves it. Apart from having to work out what to wear every morning... awful!

Im still fat... even fatter now i moved out... soooo many takeaways & bad shit food on my doorstep... literally.... Gosh i love living in town haha.

Sort of seeing someone at the moment, the guy from my friend Emmas house... but im not sure i actually like him that much... And have heard things that the other guy i quite like has said about me... except he has a fucking girlfriend.... GRRRR!!! [And is only 18, but shhhh!]

Its my birthday two weeks today... 20!! Hehehe... Adult now.. rocking!

And thats about it... im sure i will come back and update very soon..

Love to you all xxx

Sunday, July 31st, 2005

[*shine on my mary*]

Time:7:05 pm.
Mood: embarrassed.
Ohmygosh. Im so embarrassed. About a year ago, i slept with this guy called Chris, & he came back to my friend Natalies. And there was one of her younger brothers friends there... that i thought was rather hot. But a bit young for me.. and didnt seem to pay that much attention to me anyway.. But!!! Hes the one i have a slight cruch on at the mo... AND!! Look at this.... Hes the "and i dont want this.."

And I don't want this, No, so wont you let me go? ... says:
haha such a cool guy

i swear i never meant for this says:
not really lol

... And I don't want this, No, so wont you let me go? ... says:
i wanted to pull you that night!

... And I don't want this, No, so wont you let me go? ... says:
was trying extra hard wen he fell asleep

i swear i never meant for this says:
are u kidding?

... And I don't want this, No, so wont you let me go? ... says:

... And I don't want this, No, so wont you let me go? ... says:

i swear i never meant for this says:
ha, cos i erm, actually thought u were pretty hot too

.. And I don't want this, No, so wont you let me go? ... says:
what as if..id been workin a huge shift!

Saturday, July 30th, 2005

[*1 exit wound : shine on my mary*]

Time:11:24 pm.
Just to clear up... hes 18!!! Not 10!! how it looks under the crossing out jobby!! Im not THAT much into boys! Haha.

[*3 exit wounds : shine on my mary*]

Time:10:29 pm.
Mood: hungover.
What am i doiiiiiiiiiiing. I dont know if its because im stressed out with shitty fucking working in Leeds. Or from moving out on Monday, or hungoverness. Or WHAT! But! Ive really rather fallen for someone, im not sure i should.

Hes hot. And im pretty confident he thinks im hot. But yeah. Argh! And hes only 18 Hehe.

Fucking hormones....

Back to one night stands!!


Monday, July 25th, 2005

[*3 exit wounds : shine on my mary*]

Subject:another notch on my bedposts!
Time:8:12 pm.
Mood: emotional.
I dont know why im feeling like this, this time.

On Saturday, i was insanely drunk. And went back to Emmas. Blagged Rob [ also known as driving license boy] to come round to hers. And er yeah, guess what we did. Yeah.

And i didnt even feel shit about it yesterday. Like i usually do for the a week afterwards.

But tonight, i do... today, i actually found myself missing him!. Whats that all about?! I didnt even think i liked him. Argh. Fucking hormones...

I guess what they say is true. About how everytime a lady has sex, she releases some kind of chemical that forces us to emotionally attach... or something.

WHYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! ARGH!!! Early bed i think xxx

Friday, July 15th, 2005

[*2 exit wounds : shine on my mary*]

Time:6:34 pm.
Ooo also. What have i bought. erm:

*A sexy new bag [another!!] from H&M. Its got circular hard handles & is all summery & floral [in a nice way honest! Like Tropical].. But it goes with absolutely nothing :(

*A sexified turquoise ring [to match my other new bag & shoes]

*Some turquoise bangley glittery, indiany type thingys [to go with my bag, shoes & now ring!! hehe]

*A fitted brown hoody [ive been looking for months!!]

*A beaaaaaaautiful new Fenchurch Tshirt. [my old one is dying]

*A just as beautiful Volcom tshirt.

*A pink & blue stripey polo tee [some make ive never heard of, but apt is rather good!!]

* An even sexier Rockett tshirt

*A fucking black vintage Levis skirt for £4!!!!! [my bargain of the week.. year, erm, forever possibly!!!

I think thats it!

Oh no.. and these sexy motherfuckers!!!!


[*shine on my mary*]

Time:6:26 pm.
Mood: pissed off.
OOoook. So, on Tuesday i went to Leeds for my Topshop Induction &.. HATED IT!! I had to sit next to a spoilt little brat of a 16 year old, who kept ignoring me and telling me i was wrong [when i wasnt!!].

Everyone was really "topshopy" & i felt sooo fucking unfashionable in my jeans, stripey polo & sparkly shoes. Grrr... So i vowed never to go back..

And on Wednesday, i was due to start in Topshop @ Monks Cross, but because of blahy stuff, i couldnt make it.

So i started on Thursday, & it was fine!! The girls there were lovely.. and even though i was wearing jeans, cons & some emofied Rockett tshirt.. i didnt care!!

But back again in Leeds today for more training.. and the people were hideous again. One girl is really nice [shes a lapdancer hehe!!], & thankfully im working with her @ Monks Cross & Leeds.

I didnt even care i was sat opposite, staring at Adams ex. Lol. Though she did get proper bossy at the station on the way home.

I actually wanted to cry towards the end of the day... I really dont wanna have to work with those people. SO fucking shallow just because im not head to toe in Topshop clothes. Grrr grr grrr.

ANYHOO!! Im going out tonight and i plan on getting WRECKED! Fucking bitches.

Probably not a great idea, as im going out with Sasia, who makes me feel like shite also [not intentionally.. just cos she is gorgeous, thin & flirts with EVERYONE, and they all loooooove it, so you know, im left like "im not THAT bad am i?!?!" so hmm]

But fuck it. I need VODKA!!!

Sunday, July 10th, 2005

[*shine on my mary*]

Subject:quick note of an update i think
Time:3:00 pm.
Mood: flu again!!!.
Ooops. Didnt realise i hadnt updated for a while.. uhm.. what to say...

Met Joanne for lunch/adrink.. was cool, though niether of us mentioned the situation. Just got on like normal.

Erm, what else, i had my last day at M&S last night, i had to literally stop myself from crying when they handed me my leaving card/present. hehe. SO i start Topshop on Tuesday.. in Leeds... arghhh!! Scary!

Uhm, uhm, uhm, ive got some kind of cold-flu thingy AGAIN. So am stuck in bored & tired & ill.

Ive bought soooooooooo many new SEXUAL things, not sure how cos i really dont have any money.

Still havent found anywhere to live, its getting seriously desperate now. Its fucking annoying.

Errrrr... Saw that Rob guy a couple of times this week.. Hmm.. im still unsure. And thats not a good sign is it lol.

Been out 3 times this week, included lots of absinthe & vodka. A fight with Sasia cos of some bitch trying to start with me. Erm, think i pulled some 15 year old girl haha. Whooooopsey.

Anyway, thats as quick as i can make it.

Tuesday, June 28th, 2005

[*shine on my mary*]

Time:2:17 pm.
Mood: chipper.
Right. When i went out on Friday night, i had to spend some time with Natspuffs old work mates... including Joanne.

Which i was dreading, but as soon as we finally said hi to each other, it was like, chatter chatter chatter. Lol. I think she was reminded of just how well we got on. [& how fucking close we were at one point!!].

So anyway, later she came up to me and said"I dont have a problem with you, you know". I resisted the temptation to get all silly & girly and just said "I think we need to have a private chat about it..". Meaning without Natalie around. Because im sure she had something to do with it.

So i texted her my new number saying it was lovely to see her & hope we can have a proper chat soon...

& shes just replied asking if i wanna meet on Friday :)

Im so pleased we can finally get this sorted!! Cos its so fucking sad to see a really good friendship go to waste cos of some hearsay from a certain somebody.

Hmmm xxx

[*1 exit wound : shine on my mary*]

Subject:i got a new job!!!
Time:12:10 am.
Mood: excited.
Guess whaaaaat.... Today i handed my notice in at Marks & Sparks beecauseeee....


Im not longer only partly employed. Hurray. Been house hunting desperately, very hard & stressful indeed. But soon enough...

Everythings changing, its crazzzzzzzy!!

Thats all ive gotta say really anyway, i think thats definately enough :D :D :D

Friday, June 24th, 2005

[*shine on my mary*]

Subject:elliots mum, topshop interview.
Time:12:42 am.
Mood: bouncy.
My fucking GOSH! It is sooo hot & i am soo brown hehehe.

Anyhoo! Aside from the beautiful weather & my tanned skin.. I had my Topshop Interview yesterday. I was SOO scared. But luckily Cheryl had one at the same time [its a group interview you see!]. So we got there, & were put into even smaller groups when.. who walks in but.. Adams ex [now back together i can only assume!]. But after a few minutes i really didnt care. Shes amazingly gorgeous.. but shes not the nicest peson you'll come across & frankly.. her boyfriends a bit of a dick really so nevermind!

It was a pretty fun interview & luckily i was with some girl called Kelly who was really nice & im sure cos we were comfortable together, we were much more relaxed. So fingers crossed INDEED!!!!

So then on the way home on the bus [having naughtily slipped up & bought the most beautiful Volcom tee you have ever seen!].. some woman taps me on the shoulder and says "Is it Hannah?"
"Err.. yeah". I really didnt know who the hell she was. "Its Jackie!". Ha, at this point i was just staring at her blankly.. who the fuck is Jackie?!?! "Elliots mum!". Oh crap. How could i forget her! She loved me! Lol. She did look REALLY well & sooo young though!!

Anyway, magicly it was time for me to get off the bus, i felt sooo rude. She asked me where i worked now.. and i was in a huge mess trying to get off the bus, say goodbye to cheryl & end this conversation with Elliots mum. Lol. So im expecting another phone call from HIM at some stupid hour of the morning again. Idiot.

Lalala.. so yes, tomorrow night im going out with Natalie FINALLY!! We havent been out together for uhmm... id say over 3 months possibly!! Its gonna be crazzzzzzy. Im EVEN going to wear a strapless bra!! Gosh how wreckless am i! Haha.

oh yeah, a disturbing story to tell about my bra size when i can come to terms with it im sure ill never forget lol.

That is all. blah. House Hunting tomorrow.. what joy! :|

Sunday, June 19th, 2005

[*shine on my mary*]

Subject:worst mirgane EVER
Time:11:36 pm.
Mood: head dying.
Ragh. well, today, i actually managed to get up early [having actually slept properly for first night in ages!] & got all my washing & stuff sorted, went outside to enjoy the sunshine.. was out there for about an hour when..

I started going half blind! Thats what happens when i get a migrane [stupid ass pill!!], so i had to go overdose on tablets & go inside!! Grr..

When i woke up, it felt like someone was actually taking a hammer to my head..
I got up, to realise... I HAD LOST FEELING IN MY RIGHT ARM & TOP LIP!!

Man, it was rather scary, never had one like that before.

ANYWAY!! I went shopping in Leeds on Thursday & bought:
* a really tight black hoody [H&M £10.. bargain!]
* a plain white tee
* a really sexy pink Lowlife belt
* a sexy new bra [ive got bigger *cries*]
* a SEXY AS FUCK little summery bag from H&M [it has bamboo handles, and a little pink bow, ahhhh]
* a black wife beater
* a black [yes, more black] going out styley top, nicely done.

Ill take pictures like the proud saddo of new things i love to be, when i finally get batteries that fit my camera
Bed time!!!
The storm has fucked up my tv.. but WHAT A STORM!! OOooo!!

Wednesday, June 15th, 2005

[*shine on my mary*]

Subject:interview @ toppyshoppy, moving out!!
Time:1:07 am.
Mood: cant sleep!!!.
Ragh. Ok, so.. im soo fucking anxious because i have an interview for Topshop on Friday morning. Argh, crap, what do i wear, what do i wear!!

I REALLY want [& more so need!] this job, so fingers majorly crossed.

In other news, i am currently in the process of finding somewhere to live. My mother announced i HAD to move out in four weeks time...

This may now be 6 weeks, as Cheryl [bro's ex, person im moving in with] cant move out till the middle of July. So its now probably 5 weeks till D-Day.

Fucking shitting myself about it. But my dads been REALLY helpful etc with it all. Which kinda makes it a little less scary.

Its also Ascot In York this week... I havent yet experienced the crazy business [hopefully wont at all!].

Im pretty sure thats all i have to say..

Oh yeah, i got a new Digital Camera.. [my other broke *sobs*]
*fingers crossed*

Monday, June 6th, 2005

[*shine on my mary*]

Time:2:13 am.

[*shine on my mary*]

Subject:the drunkest night ive ever had
Time:12:38 am.
Mood: hungover like SHITE.
I cross posted this to my myspace blog..

Soo, last night, my friend Sasia decides she wants to go out, so we do, and many triple vodkas are had... It was at this point Hana protests that she must get some vodka for her handbag before she goes any further...

"A bottle of your cheapest vodka please sir!" she says whilst at the checkout in Budgens [pure class!] This is a stupid idea on a normal day, but after having only eaten a penguin bar all day, you get the picture!

Eventually we reach the lowther, where some very poshly dressed man claims he would like to buy us both a drink. He call him "Mr Tweed". Whilst he is drunkenly trying to pay with his Amex, Hana swipes £2 of his english pounds from the bar. & we leave.

Its at this point, where things get hazy. We bump into Matt & Tim [and possibly someone else, im not quite sure] & off to Fibbers we go.

The doorman [or doorlady] is familiar to Hana, as she used to live with her. Hanas mother basically made her become hero from utter zero. She was practically homeless when we took her in.

Later, this lovely doorlady [who i will not name] throws Hana out for being disorderly. Hana protests screaming to everyone in the club how her Mother had done everything for her. Calling her things such as "fucking bitch" & "dickhead". I think this is where Hana loses her wallet.

So, after falling over many times & breaking her irreplacable glass ring, going on to cut her hand. Anyone who got in her way was asking for trouble.

So Sasia quickly rushes Hana off to HaHaBar, where Hanas brother Calvin works. He tries to calm her down, but in the process Hana loses her balance from a bar stool & falls to the floor once more.

Calvin soon ushers her back to his flat, & Hana realises she needs to vomit.

Whilst vomiting in her brothers bathroom, she realises there are several other people in there with her. Telling her "You need to get it out. Just let yourself be sick" This cant be so, as there was only Hana herself & her brother in the flat.

This is when Hana realises County House, where Calvin now lives used to be a Hospital many many years ago.

After ringing, texting & screaming at a few friends [and a few not so!] Hana eventually passes out. Only to awake to vomit once more.

This carries on for the majority of the next day infact. So much so, Hana starts to think she is thin & toned!

So kids, the moral of this story is Alcohol is bad. No wait, CHEAP alcohol is bad. End of.

Saturday, June 4th, 2005

[*shine on my mary*]

Time:12:22 am.

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Friday, June 3rd, 2005

[*shine on my mary*]

Time:11:39 pm.
Mood: blank.
Does anybody else feel anxious & sick when they hear "In my place" by coldplay??

i have toothache all over. fun.

Wednesday, June 1st, 2005

[*shine on my mary*]

Time:1:41 am.
Mood: awake.
I thought i had something to update with, but im not sure what now.

Nothing much exciting has happened really since i last updated...

Was supposed to meet "Alan" again on Monday night, but yet again, chickened out. And now were not really talking again. Whoopsie. Hes such a princess! but ooo so sexy! *shushy hana!*

Did anyone see that Hollyoaks special thingy, weeeeird. It was pretty embarrassing saying them say things like "shag" & "shit". Its not right, not right i tell you! And now i cant sleep cos it scared me. Hehe. I cant help it! Easily spooked!!

& Sex and the city... arrrrrrrr... such happiness..

Man, this has to be the most uneventful tuesday in my life for a loooooong time. Hmpf.

Monday, May 30th, 2005

[*shine on my mary*]

Subject:pictures of my new nose
Time:5:52 pm.
Mood: sick.
well, sort of, my new nose piercing anyway.. *sings nose ring girl*

i fucking love my new nose ♥Collapse )

P.s. i have flu AGAIN!!!!

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